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Addis Innovation

Fluffy Thick Microfibre Flannel Bathrobe Velvet Sleep Shawl Collar Bathrobe

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shower, emerging from a hot tub, sitting in a sauna, or simply lounging by the pool.

100% Highly Absorbent Flannel Fabric Bathrobe:

Made from high-quality flannel fabric, the bathrobe offers strength and breathability, while its fibers ensure a sumptuously soft feel.

Cozy Design with Shawl Collar and Two Front Pockets:

The bathrobe’s shawl collar can lay flat or be pulled in closer to the neck for extra softness and warmth, and its removable belt keeps the bathrobe securely wrapped and closed. A pair of front pockets provide added convenience. Use the roomy pockets to keep hands warm or to stash a key, cash, a hair tie, lip balm, or other personal items.

Adjustable Waist Belt:

Adjustable wrap belt with side loops on these long bathrobes, keep the overlapping sides in place, and not easy to open.

Perfect Robe for Him and Her:

Unisex Bathrobe designed for both men and women, the versatile bathrobe provides spa-like comfort at home or away. Feel the warmth and comfort inside it after a hot shower bath in a bathtub. Get inside this stylish bathrobe after a pool or hot bath.

Size Guide: 

XX-Large XL Chest 75cm, Length 130cm, Sleeves 65cm

Soft full-length long robe, a perfect choice for your relaxed morning and evening, shower party, as well as a bridesmaid gift for the wedding night!