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Addis Innovation

Silver Wooden Box Wine Accessories and Chess Set

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  • Antique Box Design - This antique lock and delicate belt help to keep the box shut when not in use, so all of the tools will stay inside neatly. The box will allow you to keep everything you need for a wine bottle in one place rather than scattered in the kitchen.

    Wine Foil Cutter
    Wine Foil Cutter is for effortless foil removal. Place the foil cutter over the top of the wine bottle, gently squeeze the foil cutter, and, with a twist of your wrist, rotate the cutter around the neck of the bottle until the foil is completely cut.

    Cork Screw
    Uncorking is effortless thanks to the superior stainless steel, double-hinged corkscrew. The double-lever system helps lift the cork along a straight vertical line so there is no struggling sideways against the bottleneck.

    Vacuum Wine Stopper
    The wine pump/stopper removes oxygen, thus saving the wine’s flavor until the bottle is opened again. With a few trouble-free motions, the air is removed from your wine bottle. If a bottle of wine is not empty, the wine stopper can keep your wine fresh for the next time!

    • 1pc - Wine Corkscrew
    • 2pcs - Wine Stopper
    • 1pc - Wine Pourer
    • 1pc - Thermometer
    • 1pc - Foil Cutter
    • 1pc - Wine Ring
    • 2pcs - Spare Screw
    • 1set - Bamboo Chess Set
    • 1pc - Bamboo Box